Tyler Sams

Artist statement

For me, this project was a means of self-expression - I used these photographs to show that everyone has a hidden side of them that can be polar opposite to the side that the rest of the world can see. For instance, a vast majority of people may be suffering in silence about their mental health and this then has a domino effect on the rest of their life but they don't show their hardships to the world for reasons we don't know of. There is no limit to what a person might be concealing but I hope that my images have successfully drawn attention to this subject and my wish is that when people look at this set of photographs they think more about the people around them and how small actions could have big consequences to some as you don't know what goes on behind closed doors.

I want my photography to envoke feeling in whoever sets their eyes upon it. I find that I focus on portraits because of how they can capture mood and emotions of a person and through this medium it is a way to preserve these moments in time.


HND Photography