Claire Laird

Artist statement

As an artist I am continuing to discover who I am, I think that painting is my most organic expression of self at the moment. I also find installation exciting and printmaking a great extension to my drawing. I will continue to explore these genre.

In the future I aim to gain more knowledge in techniques from each genre, find transferable skills and create new and exciting ways to convey my ideas.

Working on "Self" in acrylic on canvas, using colours and textures which captivate me comes with ease. This piece is a self portrait in an abstract sense, loosely based on my own features where colours and textures are reflective of how I felt at the time. As a sufferer of asthma and eczema I wanted to demonstrate a lack of energy, the rough texture of my skin and how the process of applying makeup layers on top to achieve a superficial level of beauty.


HND Contemporary Art Practice