Scott Beresford

Artist statement

Scott Beresford works mainly in a digital multimedia world but also utilises 3D techniques and the written word to allow his audience to fully immerse themselves in the digital footprint within and out with society. His 3D structures, dark yet amusing videos and intense prose highlight his personal connection and the publics’ perceptions of the digital world. The aims of his work are to encourage analysis by the viewer as to their own position within society and their relationship with others in this technological world. He invites the audience to consider the concepts of social inclusion and, often ironically, exclusion within the modern construct known as ‘Social Media’. Reflecting the life experiences of the individuals or groups who, willingly or otherwise, participate in this technological world. Into the [email protected] 2020 shows the use of 3D, multimedia and written word being combined to give a response to the darker side of suffering from mental health. This film takes a dark but amusing look at the suffering and survival of those navigating the world with a mental health condition and shows a different perspective to those less informed of the daily effort required by those who are directly or indirectly affected.


HND Contemporary Art Practice