Kathrhona Lawson

Artist statement

I explore within my culture like a curious anthropologist. I am looking for what is underneath the surface, for messages from our past that are perpetuated. Human stories that persist through fragments, imprints and forgotten words, our traces from the past, lost songs and tales, forgotten objects. I am interested in our interaction with the natural elements of our landscape and the footprint we leave. I am searching our psyche for a deeper meaning that is beyond nostalgia. My work involves digging into the past finding objects both natural and manmade, recycling, reproducing, interpreting, creating new objects. I prefer to use natural materials; ceramics, stone, slate, vegetation, I experiment with printed illustrations on these surfaces and with resin to capture things that might otherwise be lost.

By Yon Bonnie Banks

Underneath the dazzling romantic beauty of the Scottish landscape dark sinister layers lie out-with the field of vision. The scars of power, control and exploitation are obscured through distorted perceptions perpetuated by glossy tourist brochures and a pervading sentimental nostalgia.

Species of fragile lichen thrive where the air is pure within the remaining ancient woodlands on the shores of Loch Long. The loch also serves as a harbour for vessels carrying weapons of mass destruction, their presence one critical event away from total annihilation of every living thing in Central Scotland. Nearby on Loch Lomond, in the wild places and beauty spots, are full car parks, consumer debris and controlled camping zones. High on the hillsides, mountain hare are slaughtered to preserve grouse shooting moors and saplings for engineered `heritage' forests.


HND Contemporary Art Practice