Kris Middleton

Artist statement

Kris Middleton (b. 1997 in Falkirk, Scotland) lives and works in Stirling, Scotland, currently studying Art & Design at Forth Valley College and working as a Freelance illustrator. Middleton is an illustrator primarily working in cartoons and comic illustration. His disciplines range from digital illustration to traditional pen and ink and can adapt to most style depending on genre or requirements.

Something From Nothing compares the character design process to that of a stage magician act; pulling a character concept (something) from seemingly meaningless shapes (nothing), like pulling a rabbit from a hat. But like a practised magician, there is more going on behind the scenes with the creation of these illustrations that the audience usually won’t be privy to.

These designs were based on Zener Cards, a deck of cards used for testing ESP and telepathy using 5 shapes in different colours. These shapes were transformed into the 5 designs using associations from colour theory, numerology and shape language. Each character is based on a different area of stage magic;

Red Cross – Street/Card Magician Yellow Circle – Fortune Teller Black Square – Traditional 1920’s Magician Green Star – Escape Artist Blue Wave – Hypnotist

Group Exhibitions include Meet Your Maker, Stirling Castle (2018), Forth Valley College End of Year Exhibition (2019) Forth Valley ARTS Festival, Tolbooth (2020)

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