Heather Dickson

Artist statement

Heather Dickson (b. 1990 in Edinburgh, Scotland) lives and works in Stirling, Scotland.

Combining a background in graphic design with contemporary art, Dickson is able to create expressive and original artwork based around a vast array of personal experiences. With a keen passion for Typography and Moving Image she is able to explore new ways of visualising these encounters, bringing them to life on screen.

Group exhibitions include: Forth Valley College, Stirling, Scotland, NC Art and Design Show (2017) HND Graphic Design Diploma Show (2019)

'Not a Piece of Meat' was created to encourage real women in the dance and fitness industry to express a positive message regarding body image rather than the stereotypical perception portrayed in the media. The video was produced through online collaboration with friends during lockdown, allowing the work to reveal a raw and personal touch. Adding the mixed media element of a typeface has allowed me to remain true to my practice, the combination of both digital and fine art.


BA Art and Design