Helen R. Hyland

Artist statement

Helen R. Hyland

Photographer. Narrator.

For this exhibition, I challenged myself to sum up my journey through college, in just three images.

I arrived at College a keen but undiscerning amateur photographer, shooting anything and everything: landscapes, streetscape, wildlife, pets, sports, concerts, agricultural shows,.... and more! I wanted to learn how to use my camera to its full potential, as if it were an extension of my own hand. I have learned that, and so much more. Never would I have dreamed, for example, that my studies would have given me the courage and opportunity to be shortlisted for a national award - Scottish Nature Photography Awards 2020.

First year was undoubtedly the richest learning experience of my life. Surrounded by hugely talented people, I drew inspiration from their knowledge, creativity, drive and ambition. Each and every day, we were stretched, encouraged, trained and mentored. And it was such fun!

Up until lockdown, I had always been a ‘glass half full’ kind of gal. Even when those who had inspired me the most had passed from my life, I stayed positive. Then came lockdown, and then came the doubts….

Second year has been so hard. A whole year of online study, working alone with few chances to meet fellow students in person. Photography kept me going: the twelve photography tasks set (pictured) certainly helped, but it has been a battle to keep seeking and finding inspiration from within.

And what now? Where next? I know not. But I do know that wherever life’s adventures take me, there will be a camera in my hand. You can follow my progress through my website, @helenrphoto on Facebook and @helenrhyland on Instagram.


HND Photography