Leigh-Ann Mackie

Artist statement

As an artist I am still continuing to find myself and discover my style, however through many experiments within my two years at college I have found that I favour concepts and styles that I have a personal attachment towards. I am finding photography and digital art very effective in expressing myself and ideas at the moment. I also however found abstract painting and mix media very interesting in conveying my concepts as well as video art as a great add on with my photography art. I hope in future to gain more exchangeable skills in all genres of art in order to help me find a personal and individual style unlike anyone else.

Working on my final piece for my major project this year through photography and photo editing was exciting as I got to explore more into the side of digital media which I had gained an appreciation for in previous projects were I had used video and photography. My concept of isolation and routine of being stuck in the same place looking at the same things everyday was represented by my window and the scenery I saw out of it. The series of edited photographs shows the progression of isolation and repetitiveness the lockdown and pandemic has forced upon all of us. I wanted to create my final artwork to show and almost connect with people who feel the same way about about being isolated, and to convey the seclusion I felt during this time which I feel many can relate towards.


HND Contemporary Art Practice