Georgia Brown

Artist statement

This year I took on a project that would enable me to create a virtual K-pop girl group and produce full branding for what would be their debut launch. I decided to undertake this brief as it allowed to me play to my strengths, using Illustrator and creating the original branding. I wanted to focus on branding as I have a strong love towards the aesthetics of k-pop albums and their promotions, with k-pop being a big love and interest for me. I thought that basing a brief around this genre would bring me an advantage when it came to creating my work, as I already have a good feel of the genre and what surrounds it.

I wanted to try and create something bright and colorful to bring me joy as I was creating it, especially with the project being my last before I graduate. I wanted to create something which I would be proud to end on. I felt as though making something I am passionate about would be a great way to end out my education.


BA Art and Design