Rachel mcgillion

Artist statement

My studio practice is rooted in an exploration of the seven deadly sins with influences from Bruce Nauman, Auguste Rodin to Elizabeth Koning all who explored my theme in both traditional and modern aspects. From an early age I have always been fascinated with myths and legends that are told in any culture in today's world and how they have been passed through many generations. The seven deadly sins called to me as they were a biblical tale that had been given an identity and characteristics that are used to pass blame for one's sin in life. My portfolio for this module consists of seven paintings all at different scales to show variety of compositions and detail as well as I thought that layout of design would really drive the theme to another level as it's all about seven individual sins that play a role in everyday human life.

Through paintings, drawings, and photography I have tried to show my own modern take of my project by highlighting each individual sin in a more recognisable way in life of 21st century. By doing that I envisioned on how I would look like embodying the sins, so I created seven individual looks that symbolised each such as – pride,wrath,lust,greed,gluttony,sloth and envy. I chose to do that as feel like my strengths lay in self-portrait as I feel more comfortable in changing how I appear in images than I do to others as I am the only one judging how I look and not someone else.Throughout as an art and design student my drawings skills have improved in quality immensely from previous projects and I feel like even though I do the similar subject matter quite a lot in briefs I managed to always think outside the box and create artworks that flow well together if they were to ever be grouped as a unit.


BA Art and Design