Carolyn Fraser

Artist statement

I see what I create as temporary and relational rather than a physical object. Rather than the production of a piece of physical artwork, I would like to make a connection with people and nurture the creativity in others. I have developed as an artist over this last year becoming more confident in what I am doing I have discovered through contextual studies and the practical implementation that social participation in art is an area that interests me and that I would like to develop further. For my final work I created a series of large-scale drawings, cyan prints which were printed on recycled fabric hang from small wigwams. Examining urbanisation and lack of green space I also produced and series of prints using industrial material and placed the prints beside the container belonging to the community garden. In order to connect to the plot holders and theme of food growing in the context of climate change. From making personal, object-based work, to site specific work situated within communities, I have made huge shifts in my practice that will continue beyond graduation. Producing artwork can often be a solitary process, but I envisage it as a collaborative process, an opportunity to connect with others creatively.


BA Art and Design