Annette Laing

Artist statement

I am a multi-disciplinary artist, working across print, film and participatory practice.

The theme of this project is ‘A Journey’ using a collaborative approach with others. By involving others, I get to see from the participants viewpoint and be inspired by their contributions. With this project participants were asked to take a walk in a natural environment and to share their experience through videos, photographs and providing an audio poem.

Through research into the effects of being in amongst nature, it became clear that there was more than just a simple journey taking place. Not just a physical journey of the walk itself but on an emotional level and a neurological level too.

The result is a video journal of the participants collective experiences and prints creating a snapshot of a moment in time of their journey.

The poems bring the emotional aspect of their journeys to life while the photographs and videos let the viewer step into the journey with them.


BA Art and Design



Awards / Nominations

Visual Arts Scotland’s Graduate Showcase Award - Shortlisted

This work has been shortlisted for Visual Arts Scotland’s Graduate Showcase Award, the finalists for which will be chosen and announced later this year. If selected the work will be displayed as part of our Annual Exhibition at the RSA, National Galleries of Scotland, Princes Street, Edinburgh in 2022.