Louisa Carberry

Artist statement

I am an artist working within illustration, sculpture and installation primarily creating emotive works. For this show case I have produced two large scale expressive drawings and an accompanying artist book. These works are influenced by the experience of living through Covid-19 and the rise in eating disorders and body image issues lockdown has caused. It has taken its toll on the countries mental health. These works are representative of what it is like living with body dysmorphia, a form of obsessive-compulsive disorder. I have created these large scale bodies by building distressed mark making, a technique I developed when working in relation to my own mental health. These movements hold a lot of personal meaning whilst representing the distress and anxiety of the case studies within this project. The artists book is made from rough sketches showing a variety of bodies to highlight that body dysmorphia can effect anyone at any given time. Just like other mental illnesses 1 in 3 in Scotland are likely to experience symptoms. This book shows deep personal thoughts from each of my case studies and gives the viewer an insight into their life with this disorder.


BA Art and Design