Brooklyn Paige Bell

Artist statement

During my time as a student here at Forth Valley College I have always worked in an autobiographical way. I use my emotions and life experiences to create works and use my art as a way to express these. This conceptual piece is a still image and audio based on my thoughts and feelings during this project. I wanted to create a piece which the viewer could submerge themselves in and be taken on a journey through my story. I wanted this to evoke and spark a sense of emotion in the audience as each and every one of us has up and down days. I wanted it to be relatable and understandable. The two images are diary extracts which I had kept during this project with contrasting feelings. One from a day where I was calm, stress free and happy and another from the day I found out my grandpa had passed. I choose the audio as I wanted the sounds to be representative of how I felt.


BA Art and Design