Jenna Clare Maclean

Artist statement

I create mixed media art, inspired by outsider art. I would define myself as a ‘gestural’ artist , coming from a disciplinary background of painting/drawing. My work portrays gestural elements, followed by impulsive mark-making. The intention of my work is to broadcast personal elements of life into varied perceptions to the viewer. My work is immensely personal to me. One way I could disclose my work would be a way of freely demonstrating my concepts, sentiments or a narrative that I could not quite describe in person. My work concentrates around impulsive mark-making and is typically mixed media on varied or recycled surfaces. For instance, glass, Perspex or cardboard, thus allowing myself to convey impulsions and exactly what I am thinking at the time of creating, while investigating assorted surfaces. My latter-day body of work provides a gateway into my mind and what exactly goes on following the most simplistic of subjects and for example, everyday life. I typically use imagery, text and phrases that are solely impulsive with a raw, first-hand manner projected onto the piece.


BA Art and Design