Regina Nurney

Artist statement

Regina Nurney is a mixed media artist working in textiles, painting, printmaking, Children’s illustration, and many other art forms. Her artwork is concerned with our relationship to the natural environment, bodies of water, and family.

Her degree show project is titled “Healing Waters.” The process of creating it has been a voyage of discovery, with many twists and turns as it develops from an initial idea into something unique and different. After a great deal of investigation and prototype development Regina created a swim dress as the centrepiece of the project with several accessories to complement it.

There is a great deal of medical and scientific proof that bodies of water and the persons connecting to it has at the very least a calming and sedating effect on a person's mental health, and just being by the waterside relaxing can also have healing effect on the body also.

Regina has created a fabric from her own pattern design and used this to make a figure flattering swim dress that will promote confidence and healing to a person who otherwise be in a vulnerable situation.

The piece combines Regina’s skills in the fields of illustration and textile design, while projecting the ethos of healing and empowerment of water in a piece that encapsulates the body.

This piece of empowering clothing has a real-world potential. A person needing healing and physical exercise who is of a full figure seldom finds swimwear that does not cling and can crush confidence.

Regina intends to take the design to clothing companies that produce these products for full figure and see they wish to produce it.

The fabric design can be sold independently, and with designer royalties


BA Art and Design