Kayleigh Czajka

Artist statement

Creating art is something that I have always loved and I am fortunate enough that I have been able to study as an adult. Art has been my outlet ever since I was in school and it has gave me a platform to express myself in a healthy, productive manner. My work at the moment is a step in my ongoing growth towards a personal approach to printmaking, I have recently got the opportunity to make a very personal artwork and I feel that, that has pushed my skills in the studio but also produced some of the most interesting results I have had in a long time. I have been working with a media that I haven’t really been prone to using before. This gave me fantastic source material for taking over to the print studio. Collaborations are also something that I haven’t considered working into a project before but after collaborating with my sister Leona Hyndman, it is something that I would strongly consider moving forward. This art work is fully inspired by the source material that I gained from working with my sister. The black layer mimics her blind spots, which we have to look through to see the image behind it. As you change your perspective, the image that you can see behind it changes. Art is a life line that connects me to everything around me, it keeps me grounded and gives me an opportunity to express my vision of world events that can otherwise be stressful or traumatic.


BA Art and Design