Erin-Elizabeth Martin-McMahon

Artist statement

I have always had a passion for art since I was a small child. creativity was all around me, with family members being successful independent artists, it was no surprise when I wanted to take my "hobby" and make it into a career. I am inspired by struggle, of any kind. Emotional, financial, equality, race. In conjunction to this, I draw a lot of inspiration from myself and my own struggles throughout my life. Whether that be mental health, self-exploration or creating something simply because I want too. Using these subjects as my own artistic fuel, I strive to create beauty and happiness from not so happy situations. Expressing myself through creativity is not only fun but therapeutic. The work produced is a variety of mark making, based on personal experiences and emotions and collated into a digital format and shown as a series.

In my creative practice I use a variety of media and technique - Collage, Painting, Illustration, Digital Collaging, Printmaking, Mark-making, Photography, drawing and. Budget is a big part in my work in the sense that it is lacking. However, this has forced me to be resourceful and use whatever I have at my disposal. Using these techniques, I develop them digitally and combine them into digital collages.


BA Art and Design