Claire Laird

Artist statement

Claire Laird is a multi-disciplinary artist, based in Stirling. Laird works in a range of mediums and genres from printing to painting to installation. In her work Laird uses humour and irony paired with mediums and techniques to examine social norms and satirise society.

The body of work she has created for Forth Valley Degree Show is called “Internalised Patriarchy-2, 2021”, which consists of four embroideries depicting a piece of anti-suffragist propaganda “The Evolution of a Suffragist”. The text, a survey conducted by the artist in 2021, contrasts yet compliments each image by drawing attention to the history of internalised patriarchy and consequently the ongoing struggle against it. Laird’s use of embroidery embodies a medium passed down through her own family augmenting personal significance of theme and storytelling.

Laird’s exhibitions include Journey, Tolbooth Stirling 2019 and End of Year Online Showcase, Forth Valley College 2020.

IG: clairescontemporaryart


BA Art and Design