Jillian Boyle

Artist statement

My work centres around themes such as family, life, loss, love and identity. As a mixed media artist, I find the use of different textures and materials help to convey many varied emotions and memories. My work draws on my own life experiences, many of which have had a lasting effect on my mental health, or have shaped the person I have become. It is the intention of my work to gain more of an understanding of the human experience and how we define ourselves. This year I have expanded upon my existing skills, becoming more inventive and inquisitive within my practice and specialist pathway of mixed media. This has allowed me to express myself more creatively within my work and produce an emotional response to each given brief. ‘The Leaves Fall Where They May’ focuses on a trip I took to Chernobyl and the site of the 1986 nuclear disaster, the experience of which had a profound impact on me. Using textures and limited colours, I have tried to find a way to understand the emotions evoked by being there and resolve my feelings, whilst reflecting on such a unique encounter. Creating mixed media paintings, my resolved work brings together a relationship with myself and the people that still live there, constructing a narrative between our different perspectives of the place. By examining the chaos and emotion of Chernobyl through unconventional materials I have tried to find order within and show the beauty of the place shining through the crumbling decay.


BA Art and Design