Megan Grant

Artist statement

I wanted to show how through my time in college I have managed to discover my style of work that I love and feel represents me well. I enjoy making my work simple but impactful using bold type and graphics to make a visual impact.

I started at FVC doing Portfolio Preparation: Graphic Design and Photography and have continued through to Finish my HND Visual Communication. Through all the guidance I’ve received and the personal development I’ve made with my work I am now moving on to doing a BA in Communication Design at Glasgow School of Art where I can further improve myself for my career.

The work shown in the first three slides are my final pieces for my graded unit. This is the culmination of my work through the years at college and in turn, I feel it’s among the best work I’ve made to date. Through this work, I cemented my love of bold type combined with more abstract imagery to create a more dynamic look to my work that I am proud of. Continuing, the work I have after these are what I enjoy creating most, book covers. These book covers are a mix of my take on books I enjoy as well as ones that I have created for fun.


HND Graphic Design